Food prices are rising with the "Good Morning" of 2022

The comparison of December 2021, with January 2022

supermarket 13.10.21 2022, consumer goods, prices

Barrage of price increases in a number of basic consumer products come with the good morning of 2022 as recorded through the Observatory carried out on a monthly basis by the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Commerce.

The fluctuation of the prices of basic consumer goods draws important conclusions about the increases in the prices of bakery products, legumes and vegetables, as a continuation of the price increases that began to appear in the last months of last year in flour, sugar, cereals. and pasta. The observatory includes product prices from on-site recordings by Consumer Protection Inspectors in 39 large and small supermarkets across Cyprus.

Through the observatory, increases within a month are recorded, ranging from 5,2% to 22,2% in basic products. Compared to January 2022 compared to December 2021, legumes recorded increases of up to 14,6%, with the most important prices being recorded for long grain rice and Carolina rice. Increases of 12,2% are recorded in the prices of beans, 8,2% in lentils and 7,2% in chickpeas. The price of Cypriot coffee also shows increases, with the two largest companies operating in the sector having increased by 9,5% and 15,9%, respectively. The price of flour and rustic flour shows increases of up to 16,7%. It is noted that in recent months there has been an increase in the price of sugar by 12,3%.

Certain types of cheese such as cottage cheese and La vache qui rit show increases in supermarket shelves ranging from 9,2% to 10%. Cereals show increases from 5,2% to 13,5%.

Prices for fresh fish are also rising, with sea bream selling 16,2% more expensive than last month, squid 7% and octopus 15,3%.

Bakery items continue to record increases. All the products recorded by the price observatory without exception have an upward trend. White small bread shows an increase of 6,5%, white slice large 10,5%, whole wheat slice large 9,1% and small 11,6%.

Pasta has also seen significant increases in the last four months. Rural spaghetti increased by 9,6%, spaghetti 11,5% and linguine 17,2%.

Fresh vegetables are on the rise in the last month. Beam greens 5,2%, tomatoes 20,5%, greenhouse cucumbers 10,1% and field cucumbers 22,2%.

The Consumer Protection Service emphasizes that Price Observatories are not intended and can not replace the market research that each consumer should do based on their own preferences, data and needs, nor are they intended to indicate to consumers the points of sale they will choose.