Increased degree of difficulty in four-month exams

Specifically, these are two test papers which had an increased degree of difficulty and did not correspond satisfactorily to the examination time available to students. 

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For disappointing results, mainly in specific courses, as they result from the examinations of the first four months in Lyceums and Technical Schools, information of "F" from educational circles speaks. 

In particular, based on the indications so far - as there are no official results, nor a 100% complete process of grading the exams - it seems that in courses, where it was generally accepted that the degree of difficulty of the essays was increased, the scores are low. This, as it was conveyed to us by educational circles, seems to be happening in Modern Greek and in the Mathematics of Direction of the 9rd Lyceum, with the calculations of the average ranging around 9,5 to XNUMX. These are two test papers which had an increased degree of difficulty, which as we were told did not correspond satisfactorily to the examination time available to the students.

Another element that was conveyed to us is that the results of the exams are expected to move approximately to the results that the students have in their competitions, indicative of the mixed classes that exist in terms of student performance levels. That is, a student who responds well to exams will most likely have this picture in the exams, with a grade above or one grade below. The same is expected to happen in the case of lower performing students. Regarding the students, who face learning difficulties, it was said in "F", that they are expected to have lower grades.

Yesterday, the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, speaking on the noon show of RIK, stated that through the examination process, specific issues arise, which must be seriously considered. He referred to the results of the examinations, pointing out that it seems that a number of students do not receive from Secondary Education what the Ministry of Education and educational institutions want to receive, showing that many children can not attend the educational process from where they are (meaning obviously branches / directions). On this issue as well as on issues related to various educational processes, Mr. Prodromou stressed that the ministry is open to discussion with the stakeholders for improvements. In addition, referring to reactions to the exams, he said that "we talk about the exams and" forget "to talk about education and teaching".