Increase in the allowance of the blind stranded and resettled

The benefit paid by the social welfare services is increased by an amount equal to the amount he would receive as a blind grant

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The proposal of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare to increase the allowance of stranded and resettled persons to blind stranded and resettled people was approved by the Council of Ministers at its meeting today.

As the Deputy Minister, Marilena Evangelou, stated in her statements after the meeting, the allowance paid by the social welfare services increases by an amount equal to the amount she would receive as a sponsorship for the blind.

"The decision was deemed necessary as the law on the provision of special sponsorship to the blind provides that the applicant should have permanent residence in the free areas for one year before submitting his application", noted Mrs. Evangelou.

He also added that there is an application before the competent services, which will be examined based on the specific decision.

Source: KYPE