Rise in alcohol, power outages and shortages of drugs in the occupied territories

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Following the increase in fuel prices yesterday at midnight, increases in alcohol are also expected from the "stability fund in the prices of alcoholic beverages".

According to Humber Cyprus, the increases will be large, from 13 to 50 TL in gin, vodka, whiskey and tequila. The publication states that the price of beer will increase from 3 TL to 15 TL per liter, wine from 4 TL to 20 TL, draft beer from 3,5 TL to 17,5 TL.

Meanwhile, power outages continue in various areas in the occupied territories. The newspapers note that although they pay for expensive electricity they do not have the same service. Many people in occupied Nicosia posted photos with lamps and candles yesterday, as the interruption lasted a long time. Holidays in the area of ​​Lefka were announced today. Yesterday there were different hourly breaks in Nicosia, Famagusta, Kyrenia, Morphou and Lefka.

Lawyer Faizi Hansel filed a lawsuit against the "electricity authority" and the "cabinet" on the grounds of "breach of the obligation to provide uninterrupted electricity" and "harm to society".

Speaking on the Cyprus Post website, Hansel said the lawsuit was a form of protest against the electricity situation. "We will also be able to confirm that they acted against the law for the supply of uninterrupted electricity." The "law", he added, regulates when the power supply can be cut off, but they do not include the lack of investment in infrastructure.

In case he wins compensation, he said, he will give it to those who owe it to the "electricity authority" and to reconnect the electricity to those who were cut off.

It seems that the problem is with the medicines with the "Minister of Health", Ali Pilli, admitting that they can not deny that there is a shortage, but "this is happening all over the world".

Speaking yesterday in the "parliament", Mr. Pilli said that tenders were announced for medicines, worth 170 million TL that will cover the needs for 6-7 months, but there were no offers because there is no access to a number of medicines. He noted that the problems with drugs for cancer treatment are not as great as they say. He also stated that they do not know how many drugs "come and go" in the "country" and the pharmacies.

In addition, Yeni Duzen writes today that the "pharmaceutical services department" accepted, due to the shortage in the market, such as expired Concerta 36 mg pills, given to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, to be given by doctors if the parents sign the "declaration of acceptance".

The article notes that the "pharmaceutical services department" has not made an official announcement on the matter and hosts a statement by a child psychologist, Aise Zeki, that when a very short period of time has elapsed from the expiration time indicated on the box, this does not necessarily mean that the drug has lost its influence or is precarious.