Agathangelou: The situation of Zeta Aimilianidou remains critical but stable

The President of the PIS, Petros Agathangelou, spoke about the situation of the Minister of Labor, Zeta Amilianidou

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The president of the PIS, Petros Agathangelou, spoke about the situation of the Minister of Labor, Zeta Amilianidou, on the show "Mesimeri kai Kati".

As Mr. Agathangelou mentioned, we have nothing new beyond a description that the situation remains critical but stable. "I hope later that I will talk to the surgeon to give us a good comment on the development, but you realize it is too early and we still can not set prognostic indicators unless at least four days have passed since the successful intervention. The most important part at the moment is the postoperative course, not to have complications and hoping to have a better outcome "

He also noted that Ms. Emilianidou is in intensive care in repression, it is the tactic that is followed depending on the neurological condition evaluating hemodynamic, metabolic, all that is required and tertiary level evaluation and treatment.

Asked to comment on what an aneurysm is, Mr. Agathangelou said that it is a vascular disease that in the brain can have a hereditary reference, so it is very important. The aneurysm, he added, is a spread of a blood vessel which, when ruptured, unfortunately leads to bleeding. When we talk about cerebral arteries, depending on the bleeding and how diffuse it is, it can have a corresponding effect on the level of consciousness and neurological health.

"When the Minister arrived for further examinations, she was in a satisfactory degree of neurological assessment and unfortunately this decreased along the way with a development that we know can happen. Of course, the most important and crucial thing is to stop the bleeding and then to evaluate it, not during the dilation but when the patient is intubated ", he concluded.

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