Aglantzia: This is how they arrested the alleged child abductor – Walk in the same park

This is how they tracked down the alleged kidnapper of children - He threatened to take them to Famagusta province and kill them

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The Police was led to the arrest of the alleged kidnapper of two children yesterday afternoon. An off-duty police officer while walking yesterday in a park in Aglantzia spotted the suspect.

It should be noted that earlier citizens had given the Police several descriptions of the suspect as well as his photo. So the policeman called for reinforcements and thus his arrest was successful. In particular, the foreigner was wearing a specific color of shoes as well as a jacket which closely resembled the description that the Authorities had in their possession.

It should be noted that the attempted abduction of the two minors took place on April 20 in the same park. The foreigner had then managed to restrain the two minors, 14 and 16 years old, and allegedly asked them for money, even keeping their mobile phones.