They bought products and paid with closed account checks

Police are investigating 12 cases

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Twelve cases of securing goods and services with false representations are being investigated by the Police in Nicosia, with the investigators of the District TAE proceeding to arrest two persons to facilitate the investigations.

The twelve cases were committed between the dates of February 26 and March 15, 2022, in various stores in the capital. According to the examined data, four unknown persons visited the above stores and after proceeding to the purchase of products or services, they paid with checks of a specific company. However, as it turned out, the bank account to which the checks corresponded is closed.

According to the police investigations, the checks in question were located in an abandoned premises of the company in question and were destined for destruction.

From the continuation of the examinations, a testimony emerged against the 39-year-old and the 38-year-old, on the basis of which court arrest warrants were issued.

The 39-year-old and the 38-year-old were arrested yesterday under court warrants and were detained to facilitate investigations. Their arrest was followed by a search of their home, where a number of items were found and confiscated, which are believed to be part of the property confiscated using the specific checks.

TAE Nicosia is investigating the case.