Wild pursuit - Handcuffs on 2 people for counterfeit banknotes and drugs

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A number of counterfeit banknotes and a small amount of drugs were found and confiscated yesterday by the Police, in Limassol, whose members proceeded to arrest two men. The arrest of the two was episodic after their vehicle was chased on the streets of Limassol.

Specifically, around 12.20pm. Yesterday, members of the Police signaled to a driver of a vehicle, moving on a road in Limassol, to stop for inspection. The driver, however, developed speed and tried to escape. The police
followed the vehicle and managed to stop it around 12.30pm.

The driver of the vehicle was found to be a 35-year-old resident of a village in the province of Larnaca, who was accompanied by a 24-year-old resident of Limassol. A total of 80 € 100 banknotes were found in their possession after an inspection, which at first sight appear to be counterfeit.

During the pursuit of the vehicle, the 24-year-old was seen throwing an object out of the car. The suspicious object was then located and as it was found, it was a piece of paper, in which there was wrapped a quantity of hemp, weighing about 3,5 grams and a nylon bag in which there was a quantity of methamphetamine, weighing 0,4

Arrest warrants were issued against the 35-year-old and the 24-year-old, under which they were arrested and detained in order to facilitate the investigations.

YKAN (Limassol District Ladder) and the Limassol TAE are investigating