Wild fight between aliens – Handcuffs on four

They gathered outside a house ready for "battle" with sticks and stones

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A fierce fight between foreigners took place last night in Limassol.

According to information, the incident took place in a two-story house rented by Syrians.

A man who rents the upstairs house was hosting ten other people, which caused the reaction of the Syrian who rents the ground floor and then called the landlady to complain.

The landlady asked for an explanation, as a result of which the tenant and the people he was hosting went down to the ground floor and caused a fight and damage to the house of Syrian who had protested.

Then other people were called to the scene for "reinforcement", as a result of which a fight took place, some of whom were also holding bats.

Members of the Police rushed to the scene and arrested four people, as the others had escaped.