EAC: Accepts payments and other payments via e-banking or bank order

Accepted transactions electronically via e-banking or by order of a Banking Institution


Guided by the prevention and health of EAC employees and customers and with the aim of limiting the spread of the coronavirus, the Authority informs the public that the payment of connection conditions by applicants, as well as payment for any other service offered by the System Administrator Distribution (EAC) to its customers, will be accepted electronically via e-banking or by order of a Banking Institution.

An announcement of the EAC states that the payment can also be paid to the local Funds of the EAC Customer Service Centers. The details of the EAC account in the BANK OF CYPRUS to which the transfers will be made are:

Account Name: Cyprus Electricity Authority
No. Account: 357010225405
IBAN: CY80 0020 0195 0000 3570 1022 5405

The SWIFT address or BIC code of the BANK OF CYPRUS is: BCYPCY2N

Customers are invited to fill in the field of the DESCRIPTION of their transfer, the Application Number of the Terms of Connection or the Invoice Number that is paid. In the absence of this information, the identification of the payment becomes extremely difficult and time consuming, with a corresponding delay of the case at the stage of clarifying the identification of the payment with the customer.

After the transfer, the receipt together with the signed Terms of Connection of the EAC can be either mailed or delivered in a sealed envelope in the special box located at the Reception of the Regional Distribution Offices of the EAC, Network User Service Centers.

The same applies to the payment of any other service offered by the EAC, as DSD, such as payment for submitting an application for connection of Photovoltaic Measurement Offset System (Net Metering), re-inspection of electrical installation, submission of application for indicative initial estimate of cost of possible future connection. Electricity with the Distribution Network, etc.