Searches were fruitless after the discovery of a human body in Paphos

A medical examiner is expected to examine the human limb

Screenshot 5 14 Police, Paphos

The searches in the sea area of ​​Lara have started since the morning and are continuing by members of the Paphos ADE as well as a boat and divers of the Maritime and Port Police after the detection of a human member, according to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations Michalis Nikolaou.

In his statements to the KYPE, Mr. Nikolaou said that the investigations will continue to identify another piece of evidence in order to clarify the case.

A medical examiner is also expected to examine the human limb found, which is a human foot from the ankle down inside a shoe.

Mr. Nikolaou noted that the searches will continue throughout the day in the area by land and sea to locate other elements.