AKEL: Against accuracy, the government gives aspirins - What measures does it propose?

On the accuracy front, the government gives aspirin instead of solutions, says AKEL in a statement

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On the accuracy front, the government is giving aspirins instead of solutions, says AKEL in a statement.

The extension of the zero VAT rate on basic items, the announcement continues, seems in practice to be a free gift. "With data it is now clear that average prices for many products increased, dissipating any benefit."

"Increased interest rates are bringing households and businesses to their knees. Fuel prices are on the rise again. The cost of electricity is burning and the state continues to collect several millions extra due to accuracy from the pockets of taxpayers. Part of them must be returned."

The government of Nikos Christodoulidis, reports AKEL, must realize that this is not the time for endless discussions but the time for decisions to support society, proposing measures at the same time.

In addition to the immediate reinstatement of electricity and fuel measures – which they themselves cut off – they should take additional measures such as:

• The reduction of VAT on electricity.
• The abolition of double taxation on fuel.
• The targeted subsidy for housing loans.