A jump in prices in the occupied territories and a triple-digit increase in inflation

According to the new figures, the accuracy of the occupation marks a historic jump

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A historic jump marks the precision in the occupied areas according to the new data, announced on Tuesday.

Compared to the previous month, a total of 562 products saw a price increase in the occupied territories.

Specifically, according to the data of the "statistical service" published by "Kibris Postasi", compared to the previous year, inflation in the occupied territories increased by 110,42%. Compared to December, the increase is 56,76%, while compared to the previous month, the increase is 9,54%.

"Kibris Postasi" in its publication also mentions that "the biggest increase compared to the previous month occurred in the transport sector, 21,68%." An increase of 15,28% was recorded in Restaurants and Hotels, 7,79% in Miscellaneous Goods and Services, 7,66% in Entertainment and Culture, 7,33% in Apparel and Footwear and 6,79% in Furniture. , home appliances and home care services. An increase of 5,89% was also recorded in the category Housing, water, electricity, natural gas and other fuels, 4,94% in Food and non-alcoholic beverages, 4,30% in the category Communication, 3,98% in Education, 3,13, 0,70% in Health and XNUMX% in the category Alcoholic beverages and tobacco".

The three products with the largest price increases were lemons, 182,95%, lumber, which saw an increase of 83,33%, and pet vaccines, which saw an increase of 74,98%.

Source: KYPE