The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for recognition of a pseudo-state by the international community

The international community must recognize the pseudo-state, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said

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The international community must recognize the pseudo-state, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said, while regarding Greek-Turkish relations he maintained that Turkey was never the side that initiated the harassment and violations. Mr. Akar again raised the issue of demilitarization of the Aegean islands, but also the issue of Greece's airspace.

In an interview in Milliet, the Turkish Foreign Minister stated that "we are in favor of a permanent and just solution in the region, in favor of sovereign equality and an equal international regime [S.S. of T/k], in short, in favor of a two-state solution. The international community must now recognize tdvk. The lifting of the arms embargo against the Greek Cypriot administration by the USA is causing a stalemate on the island."

Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, Hulusi Akar said that for a comprehensive and permanent solution, Turkey recommends "international law, good neighborliness, peaceful methods and dialogue".

"We speak very clearly and clearly in our contacts with them. As part of Confidence Building measures, our military delegation went to Greece twice, they came to Ankara once. Now we are waiting for the Greek delegation to Turkey for the 4th meeting. It's been two years and they haven't come. While we call to continue these meetings, some suggest dialogue. Actually we are the ones who want the dialogue. In Greece, on the other hand, when they wake up in the morning, some members of the current political power enter the 'What to do, what to say against Turkey' race," he said.

“I must say with certainty that we were never the side that started the harassment and violations. But when they do it against us, we must do what is necessary within the scope of our duty. Islands with civilian status cannot be armed under Articles 12 and 14 of the Treaty of Lausanne and Paris. This is very clear and precise. But Greece is equipping these islands. There are no 6 miles of territorial waters and 10 miles of airspace anywhere in the world, but Greece applies them that way. Nevertheless, we are the ones who say let's sit down and talk. Greece gets others to speak for it. We say, let's sit down and talk to each other to solve the problems," he continued.

Referring to the American bases in Alexandroupoli, the Turkish Foreign Minister said that "for many years, the USA provided its military aid to Europe through the Baltic. However, due to the changes in the security environment, a support center was established in Alexandroupoli for the same purpose". "Defense and security is a matter of monitoring and taking measures. We are closely monitoring and taking measures," he said.

For the Muslim minority of Western Thrace, Hulusi Akar said that "Greece remained under Ottoman rule for 400 years, and during this period the Ottomans did not touch either the religion or the language." "The situation of the Turks in Western Thrace is clear. Greece tries to ignore the Turks of Western Thrace. He tells the Turks there 'You are not Turks'. Are they Japanese? Their names are Turkish, their relatives are in Turkey."

He claimed that in Greece "they are closing their schools. Moreover, they are trying in every possible way not to allow the opening of mosques in Greece. There is only one mosque in Athens (no dome, no minarets), its administration is orthodox, there are no Turks. In Greece there is not even a cemetery to bury Muslims. They recently converted the historic Murat Reis Kulliye, which is a spiritual place for Muslim Turks living on the island of Rhodes, containing a mosque, a dervish hostel, into a music school."

"They did not hold the reception that will be held in Komotini on the occasion of the Republic Day on October 29 for security reasons, 'go, hold it at the consulate', they said," said the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.