The new Archbishop of Cyprus is announced from moment to moment

The electoral process of the electoral session begins - Everything points to the Metropolitan of Paphos

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Immediately after the Divine Liturgy at around 30:XNUMX in the morning, the sixteen members of the Holy Synod will choose from the Trinity through a secret ballot, the new Primate of the Church of Cyprus.

The Metropolitan of Paphos and observer explained that from 7:00 in the morning the liturgy began and the Divine Liturgy followed.

Immediately after the Divine Liturgy, the vote for the election of the 76th Archbishop of Cyprus will take place.

Based on the procedure that will be followed in the Chapel of the Holy Archdiocese, the prelates will enter the Holy Step, where they will mark their choice on a ballot, which will then be cast into a ballot box.

The votes will be counted.

If one of the three candidates fails to secure nine votes, there will be a repeat vote in which only the two metropolitans who secured the most support will take part.

In case of a tie, then the new Archbishop will be chosen by lot.

The final result is expected shortly before ten in the morning and will be accompanied by joyful ringing of bells.

When the votes are counted and the Archbishop is elected, there will be a transition to the old cathedral of Saint John the Theologian and there the message of the new Archbishop will be given.

According to Pafos Georgios, "then the ascent will take place to the Synod of the Archdiocese for the congratulations. The matter will remain there until the day when the official enthronement of the Archbishop is set," he added.