4 new deaths announced - Less than 2 thousand today's cases

160 patients are hospitalized, of which 37 are in serious condition

Corona Virus

The Ministry of Health announces that today, February 19 2022:

- They were announced 4 deaths

- Relate to:

  • A 90-year-old man who died on February 18
  • A 75-year-old man who died on February 18
  • A woman, 88 years old, who passed away on February 19
  • A 82-year-old man who died on February 19

- Total number of deaths with final cause of the disease COVID-19: 823.

-       160 patients COVID-19 are hospitalized in OKYPY hospitals

-       37 in serious condition (ICU: 2 out of ventilator / 11 intubated, MAF: 24)

- Percentage of patients without a history of vaccination: 66,88%

-       28 Patients who have ceased to be infectious continue to be treated intubated for COVID in an Intensive Care Unit.

Diagnostic examinations:

- They took place in total 80.454 diagnostic examinations

- They were located 1.764 new cases (set of cases 304.425).

- Position rate in all exams 2,19%

Total number of molecular tests (PCR):

- They took place 6.954 molecular tests

- They emerged 256positive incidents

- Position of positivity 3,68%

-       Total number of rapid antigen detection tests (RapidTest):

- They were carried out 73.500 rapid antigen detection tests

- They emerged 1.508 positive incidents

- Position of positivity 2,05%


- They were carried out 107 molecular tests and were detected 10 positive events (percentage of positivity 9,35%)

- They were carried out 1.366 rapid antigen detection tests and detected 72 positive events (percentage of positivity 5,27%)

Private initiative:

- They were carried out 2.141 molecular tests were identified 193 positive events (percentage of positivity 9,01%)

- They were carried out 40.372 rapid antigen detection tests were detected  890 positive events (percentage of positivity 2,2%)

Through the programs of the Ministry of Health were carried out 33.128 rapid antigen detection test. They were located 618 positive incidents.

- Sampling points: 31.546 rapid detection tests were detected 537 positive events (percentage of positivity 1,7%)


- Nursing homes: conducted 216 rapid antigen detection tests were detected 9 positive events (percentage of positivity 4,17%)


The figures mentioned in the announcement are indicative and may vary based on the final and up-to-date data sent in the context of the National Epidemiological Risk Report published every second Friday.