The revelations about the money received by parties due to a pandemic ignited "fires"

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Parties applied and participated in the pandemic suspension plan launched by the government in March, which involved companies whose turnover fell by more than 25%.

Specifically, AKEL received through the Local Organizations of the party, EDON and Popular Organizations the amount of 49 thousand euros, at the same time that PEO received another 259 thousand.

Andros Kyprianou - General Secretary of AKEL
"There is nothing reprehensible. What happened was done legally and in fact the Minister of Labor herself confirmed it. If DISY or some others have doubts then they should find them with the Minister herself who legally approved the subsidy of staff salaries for AKEL organizations. "

Dimitris Dimitriou - DISY spokesman
"AKEL, the party that supposedly cares about workers and society, took advantage of state plans and received a subsidy by depriving money of those in need."

As for the rest of the money that parties received under the Support plans, Mario Karoyan's Democratic Party received 3.500 euros.

While the discussion is intense about the money they received in addition to PEO and other trade unions that are close to parties organizationally or in some other way.

With EDEK being placed for the 41 thousand that the guild of DEOK received.

"EDEK did not participate in any Support Plan. We even call on the Auditor General to investigate the matter. "

As for the 207 thousand that SEK received, Pindaros executives told Alpha that it is at least naive to say that there is any financial connection between DISY and the union.

However, on the occasion of the opposition for the money received by parties through the support plans, the debate was opened for the state sponsorship which was received 100% by the parliamentary parties. DISY one million 900 thousand, AKEL 1,6, DIKO 970 thousand, EDEK 490, and beyond that the Citizens' Alliance 478 thousand, Solidarity 430, Ecologists 410 and ELAM 341 thousand euros

These amounts went into the party coffers, in the middle of the most difficult year for the budget.

Source: Alphanews