Anastasiadis to ERT: "I will not reclaim the Presidency - I am not a king to give the ring" (VIDEO)

What he said about the developments in the Cyprus issue and the Pentagon: "Turkey's goal for two states can not be achieved. It is not considered a solution, accepted by anyone. Neither from us, nor from the International or European community "

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Shortly before the convening of the five-day informal meeting in Geneva on the Cyprus issue, the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis speaks to the ERT correspondent in Cyprus, Maniana Kalogeraki. The interview is broadcast on ERT1 news program "Special Missions - live" at 23:00, with Fanis Papathanassiou.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis, spoke to ERT about his recent trip to Greece, the Euro-Turkish, the management of the Pandemic, as well as his vision for a solution to the Cyprus problem.

"I feel very proud of what I attended, of the organization and of the events, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. The second, equally important given the current situation, is the determination once again of the determination of both the Greek and the Cypriot Government to have a very close cooperation, as deleted after '74, that is, the respective governments, regardless of ideological color. , to consider or put above and above all the Cyprus issue and what we are watching now with the violations of Turkey in the Aegean, as issues of major national importance. And therefore, a perfect cooperation between us that is achieved through the synchronization of actions, actions, interventions, etc. Therefore, I express my absolute satisfaction for the excellent level of cooperation observed between the governments of Cyprus and Greece ", said Mr. Anastasiadis to add :

"Whether we like it or not, any hostile actions against either Greece or Cyprus have one thing in common: Aggression, violation of international law and therefore there is a coincidence of positions on defending the rights of two sovereign independent states. The same would happen if one of the other cooperating states faced the same phenomena. However, what particularly characterizes the problems that Greece and Cyprus are facing today is - if you will - the always close relations between the two countries and therefore it is not a matter of separation or a common doctrine, it is a matter of common positions: How to deal with Turkish provocation. Because if he succeeds in one of the two he seeks, he will definitely be to the detriment of the interests of the other country, because in this way he will be encouraged and will react accordingly, claiming and violating International Law, or territories , or marine areas that do not belong to it. "Therefore there is and this is important, the common challenge, in two states, which are maintained by eternal ties, which do not cease to be independent states, but also where they continue to have common perceptions and common interests regarding Turkey's delinquent behavior."

Nikos Anastasiadis answers whether in his opinion the transfer of European officials to Turkey will bring positive results.

«I will not disagree much, hence the initiatives that we have undertaken with the Greek Prime Minister, putting the last two years in every European Council the delinquency and the violation of International Law by Turkey. The doctrine of solidarity that prevails between European countries does not allow indifference on the part of Europe. Turkey's delinquent behaviors are ascertained, the severe violation of International Law is ascertained either with the drillings in Cyprus, or with the violations of the Greek EEZ, or even what is testified about Famagusta. So what we have sought is to pique the interest and despite the interests of EU member states that are dependent on the Turkish economy, it has been possible to at least meet the basic conditions or prerequisites for a positive so-called agenda, ie a positive outlook. to improve relations between Europe and Turkey, to go beyond the non-violation of the sovereign rights of Greece or the non-repetition of delinquent attitudes towards Cyprus. Needless to say, there are definitely countries that, either because of their war industry or because of their exposure of the banking system to the Turkish economy, would not, in view of the country's poor economic situation, want to create another problem that would further aggravate the already poor state of the Turkish economy. It is also the interests through the exports of industrial products. "Thus, we see that three of the major countries have strong positions regarding the non-imposition of sanctions against Turkey for its delinquent behavior."

When asked if he has raised the issue in these countries, he replied: "Certainly. Both he and the Greek Prime Minister have the verbal support, what is missing is the practical support. During the recent teleconference with the President of the European Council Charles Michel, we made it clear that we are interested in improving relations with Turkey - that would be ideal - but on the condition that it does not repeat what seems to be happening at the moment: non-repetition, the absence of Turkish ships, provocative actions and so on. "This should be seen as lasting and not temporary for the sake of the goal pursued, ie to reach a decision to discuss issues concerning Turkey and the European Union, such as the customs union and the liberalization of passports."

The President of the Republic of Cyprus does not hesitate to veto the European Union-Turkey customs connection if the latter does not comply with its obligations towards the Member States.

"I have made it clear to Charles Michel as well as to Ursula von der Leyen that if and when Turkey does not implement its obligations to all EU states, they cannot qualify for our agreement. We will be opposed, therefore both the European partners and Turkey should take seriously the fact that Turkey 's behavior, the non - recognition of the Republic of Cyprus or its obligations to the whole of the states cannot continue. I have made this clear and there is no question of withdrawal. " So, are you talking about a veto in case Turkey does not fulfill its obligations? "No doubt".


"What I know is how determined I am, how ready I am, to participate in good faith in a really creative dialogue that will create the prospects of continuing the talks for a solution to the Cyprus problem from where they stayed in Crans Montana. EWe have achieved a lot of convergences so far, the issues of Legislative and Judicial power have been agreed. Of course, significant problems remain to be solved. The issues of executive to some extent, the issues of property, the issues of territorial adjustments, the equally and very important issues of guarantees and the presence of troops. Listening to the positions expressed by the Turkish government and the Turkish Cypriot leader, if this will be the obsessive position, ie the position of the two states, as well as the sovereign equality, as they interpret it, I would not say that I am optimistic. What I do know is that I am going, I will be positive, very positive in creating the conditions that will finally allow us to overcome any perceptions that have nothing to do with the interests of Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, but with the interests of Turkey.

For all the issues contained in the Guterres framework, we have submitted our positions in writing and there we show our absolute willingness to find an honest compromise that will create a truly functioning state, independent of any interventions by third countries. And this will be achieved only with the abolition of guarantees, with the absence or departure of the occupying troops, with the fair adaptation to the territorial data and of course without ignoring the rights of the refugees, especially the property and of course the functioning of the State.           

I want to hope, not to say optimism and pessimism, that Turkey will realize after the reaction of the international community, the EU, important countries such as America, Russia, China, other non-permanent and non-UN member states and not which have clearly and explicitly made it clear that Turkey's goal for two states cannot be achieved. It is not considered a solution, accepted by anyone. Neither from us, nor from the International or European community ".

Asked if he believes that the conduct of the parliamentary elections will affect the course of the negotiations, he answered in the negative, as he says neither the pre-election period nor the result of the elections, the course of the negotiations as it is a matter for the National Council.   


"We have to admit that the climate is changing. Policies are changing, policies are changing, especially with regard to the presence or absence in areas where the US presence used to determine or was decisive in the actions of states in the region. The flight of the Americans from Cyprus gave Turkey the opportunity to claim the filling of the created gap and to play a leading role either based on Mr. Erdogan's visions or always based on Turkey's interests, playing a role or claiming a role in the violation of its rights. Cyprus or Greece - intervention in Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, information tells me that they are now preparing for another country - so the decision of the Americans to return raises, yes, an expectation. We should be cautious enough to ignore the fact that big countries also have big interests. Policies are determined on the basis of an overall view of an area and the protection interests pursued by that particular great power. But I must say at the same time that what gives us hope is Biden's position that he did not and will not abandon the Cyprus issue and that is very important. "And because we have long since built a strong foundation of friendship between us, I know how genuinely the current US President is genuinely interested, and I want to hope that any American intervention will be to the benefit of the region, the Cypriot and Greek interests." .     


Regarding reports that have come to light regarding possible bilateral agreements, the President clarified that "we are not going to violate something that has been agreed with the rest of the Member States - we talked about pre-purchase, not bilateral conciliation".


"When you see an increase in hospitalizations and you are obliged to take measures to deprive citizens of their freedom. There is no more difficult decision. When you see that there are people whose financial and professional survival is at stake as a result of the measures, then it is you who measure how difficult it is to make decisions that must be made for the sake of public health but on the other hand to monitor fatigue and despair. of people because of this Pandemic.

The PTA spoke about the Government's support plans and the upgrading of the Health system.

I am proud that despite what is observed in other countries, Cyprus is facing the situation with the least painful restrictive measures.

Difficult this summer, we will wait for the decisions for the British.

Significant flow but not complete recovery ".  

As for whether he dreams of being the first president of a reunited Cyprus, Mr. Anastasiadis notes:    

"My first thought and concern is to be able to contribute or be the one who will have the seal of the solution of the Cyprus problem. It's the only ambition I have. I am in the ninth year of my presidency and I myself submitted an amendment to the Constitution to Parliament so that the services of the President are limited to two terms, so it does not matter who will be President after the solution but how much the solution will allow the new President to manage a functioning State. This is the most important thing. To reunite this homeland and to be able, through the provisions of the Constitution and the Provisions of any agreement, not to need A or B but a President who, wherever he comes from, can manage the fortunes of the Cypriot people ".

 So we do not know to whom you will give the ring of succession.

"I am not a king to give the ring, there are democratic procedures which I fully respect and this is my position. "And I will not reclaim the presidency."