Suspension of a 24-hour strike by public doctors pending answers from OKYpY

If the written text does not satisfy the unions then they will go on strike

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The 24-hour warning strike that was planned for Thursday is being suspended by the PASYDY Branch of Doctors and Clinical Directors and the Pan-Cypriot Union of Government Doctors (PASYKI) pending a written text of answers to the unions' questions from OKYPY on Tuesday. If the written text does not satisfy the unions then they will go on strike in the public hospitals on July 2 and 3.

This was said to KYPE by the President of PASYKI Sotiris Koumas and the President of PASYDY Doctors' Branch Moises Lambrou, who said that they will wait for the written text of OKYpY on Tuesday on the issue of payment of doctors' accruals, resulting from the agreement on motivation.

A meeting was previously held with the General Executive Director of OKYPY with the trade unions in an attempt to avoid Thursday's 24-hour warning strike.

The trade unions, said Mr. Koumas, responded to the invitation of the General Executive Director of OKYPY to go to a meeting, with the aim of preventing the 24-hour warning strike, even the last.

"We particularly regret the fact of the absence of any member of the Board of Directors of OKYPY at the meeting, who have the power but also the obligation to take decisions", he noted.

It was stated on behalf of the General Executive Director, he continued, that their role in today's meeting was to convey some opinions on behalf of OKYpY, some "realities" and to listen to any suggestions on our part and convey them.

In essence today, Mr. Koumas emphasized, the meeting could not yield results.

Nevertheless, he said, the trade unions, realizing what a 24-hour strike in public hospitals means at the level of patients, submitted both old and new suggestions.

“One 'reality' that was said during the introduction by the Director General is the issue that the performance of any accrued 2023 incentive is at the discretion of both the Treasury and the troika itself. Through their own actions in the past, the managers of OKYPY have managed to place the Organization itself and by extension the public hospitals under the troika and that this may arise", he added.

Unfortunately, he noted, we didn't happen upon any update before nor have we now been given specific details.

"The only real thing they've told us is that we're going to have to make cuts, and it looks like one of the amounts they want to cut is doctors' accruals. The Organization should give some explanations so that we can see the course of our claims", said Mr. Koumas.

In an effort to give the Agency an additional opportunity to respond to our questions that we have submitted, he continued, we have given a deadline of Tuesday for written responses. "We are proceeding with a suspension of the strike for Thursday, June 20, but if the answers and action of OKYPY in the written text that it will give us do not satisfy us, then we will proceed with strikes on July 2 and 3," he added.

Source: KYPE