Parents and teachers are requesting the suspension of four-month exams for GYLikeio

Joint letter to YPPAN from OELMEK and organized Mesis parents

imagew 2021 07 23T155802.926 Parents, Teachers

A joint letter to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Prodromos Prodromos, requesting, among other things, the suspension of the four-month final exams for the 2021rd Lyceum for the school year 2022-XNUMX, was sent by OELMEK and the Pancyprian Confederation of Federations Secondary education.

In their letter, according to a joint statement, they state that OELMEK and the Pancyprian Confederation of Parents' Associations of Public Secondary Schools discussed the difficult and unprecedented data of the pandemic, which have already affected the last two school years and school year 2021-2022.

They note that they were particularly concerned by the fact that senior students, based on the Legislation passed in 2017, will be forced to attend the next school year 2021-2022 in three exams, in a very short time, with all the negative effects both on themselves and on our education system.

"You yourself have acknowledged this fact both publicly and in meetings you have had with us," they added.

Therefore, continue in their letter OELMEK and organized parents of Secondary Education, "we decided together to ask you the following: Suspension of the single final exams of four months for the 2021rd Lyceum for the school year 2022-2021, Implementation of the existing and tested institution of the Pancyprian Examinations and during the school year 2022-2022, in the way it worked successfully until this school year, Utilization of the time that will arise for the realization of a substantial dialogue, with all the affected bodies, for the way of evaluation of graduate students, which serves both the dismissal and access to the Universities as well as the formative purpose of the evaluation, which we suggest to be implemented from the school year 2023-XNUMX. In this direction, we invite you to convene immediately in a joint session the Primary-Secondary and Higher Education Councils ".

"We invite you to listen to the reasonable concerns and the common position of OELMEK and the Pancyprian Confederation of Parents' Associations of Public Secondary Schools, which is submitted with the sole aim of the well-meaning interest of the children in the difficult period. they end up.