Cyprus opens & without test from today for 22 countries

9 arrivals are expected

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A significant change is taking place today for Cyprus, which now… opens its borders freely to 22 countries, without passengers being required to present a laboratory test certificate for coronavirus or to take the test upon arrival. They should fill in some information as well as Responsible Statements. At the same time, it is possible that they will be asked to take the test in the context of the random checks that will be made by the Ministry. Health (300 per day).

Clearly, it is an important test for Cyprus and its epidemiological picture, which is constantly evaluated by the Special Unit of the Ministry. Health.

For category B which includes 12 other countries, passengers are required to have undergone a laboratory test by a recognized laboratory at least 72 hours before departure and to have a Certificate proving a negative PCR for COVID-19. Individuals regardless of nationality, where documented and after notification by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Cyprus, the authorities of the country (Category B) residing, do not provide laboratory analysis service, will alternatively have the opportunity to perform the laboratory test upon arrival in Cyprus, paying the cost of the laboratory examination themselves, which amounts to 60 euros.

For the purpose of ensuring the public health and supervision of the epidemiological picture, a sample laboratory test will be performed on the passengers of all the flights that will be launched, with the number of examinees estimated at 300 people per day.

9 flights on Saturday

It should be noted that 9 flights from Athens, Thessaloniki, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Vienna and Zurich are scheduled to arrive in Cyprus on Saturday.

CyprusFlightPass is mandatory

We emphasize that for those passengers arriving in Cyprus, Cypriots and non-Cypriots, it is mandatory to complete and present the CyprusFlightPass. More details below.

The new lists

As mentioned in the announcement of the Minister. The epidemiological picture of the disease in different countries was re-evaluated COVID-19 and in addition new countries were added to the categories below.

It is noted that the following categorization of countries, based on the epidemiological risk assessment, is extremely dynamic and can vary at any time, as the pandemic evolves and the epidemiological data change. To this end, new data will be announced and the list of countries will be updated at regular intervals.

Based on the above, the evaluation carried out classified the countries as follows:

The 22 countries from which they will now come to Cyprus without a test:

Category A - Low risk countries at this stage

Countries with a true reproductive number (Rt) of less than 1 and / or a small number of new diagnoses (<1 / 100,000 inhabitants per day) and / or low or very low mortality are classified in this category. COVID-19 (3000 tests / 100,000 inhabitants):

Czech Republic
South Korea
Category B - Countries with potentially low risk but with greater doubt compared to Category A - Compulsory test

Countries with a true reproductive number (Rt) greater than 1 and / or a number of new diagnoses> 1 / 100,000 inhabitants per day and / or increased mortality are classified in this category. COVID-19 (> 10 / 100,000 inhabitants) and / or limited laboratory testing (<2000 tests / 100,000 inhabitants) or lack of WHO classification:

United Arab Emirates
For countries that are not in the 2 categories

For those countries that are not included in the two Categories A and B during the second phase of gradual resumption of flights (20/06/2020) flights to and from the Republic of Cyprus will be allowed.

However, as in the first phase of gradual resumption of flights, only the following categories of passengers will be entitled to travel to the Republic of Cyprus.

1) Cypriot citizens, their foreign spouses and their minor children,

2) The persons legally residing in the Republic,

3) Persons entitled to enter the Republic in accordance with the Vienna Convention,

4) Persons regardless of nationality, who are entitled to enter the Republic of Cyprus, after special permission from the Republic of Cyprus.

The only difference compared to the first phase is that the categories of passengers (numbers 1-2) if they choose to carry out the laboratory test upon entering the Republic of Cyprus, will themselves pay the cost of the laboratory test, which amounts to the price of 60 euros.

All information about CyprusFlightPass

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that from June 20, 2020 all passengers intending to travel to the Republic of Cyprus are required, for boarding purposes, to present the Cyprus Flight Card (CyprusFlightPass). (HERE the platform).

We emphasize that it is mandatory for Cypriots returning from abroad.

In order to obtain the CyprusFlightPass, passengers must first complete the required documents electronically on the online platform

Please note that in the event of a technical problem or scheduled maintenance of the online platform, passengers will need to manually fill out the required forms which are posted on that electronic platform.

More information about the Cyprus Flight Pass

The use of the CyprusFlightPass online platform is mandatory for all those wishing to visit Cyprus. In order for them to be able to depart from an airport abroad to the Republic of Cyprus, it will be necessary to submit an electronic approval from the Republic of Cyprus, which will be given through the platform.

In the first phase, passengers over the age of 65 will also be allowed, especially those unfamiliar with electronic media or passengers who, for any legitimate reason, are unable to complete the required paperwork on the online platform or in cases where the online electronic platform of the Republic of Cyprus is temporarily not available due to technical problems or scheduled maintenance, to complete the required manuscript documents through forms, which will be available on the CyprusFlightPass platform.

The online platform ( will be available online and accessible via any mobile device and will be launched on Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

The CyprusFlightPass online platform will also provide the following:

Informative Material in relation to the services of the platform and the conditions that must be met in order to ensure the required approval
Quick Check by a passenger who will allow him / her to know if he / she meets the conditions to travel to Cyprus
Passenger service:
Create a personal account and user profile
Submission of Data and upload of the required negative health certificate COVID-19.

Checking, approving / rejecting the request and sending a relevant receipt via email to the passenger.

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