The vaccination portal opens for people aged 61 and over

When the vaccination portal opens - The appointments available

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Vaccination at a nursing home Nicosia, Cyprus // Vaccination at senior peoples' home Lefkosia, Cyprus

Arranging an appointment for vaccination against the disease COVID-19 will be able to proceed people aged 61 and over. The Vaccination Portal will be available for this age group from tomorrow, April 7, at 8 in the morning, until Thursday, April 8, at 7 in the evening. Specifically, 19,378 appointments will be available at all Vaccination Centers in all Provinces.

The National Vaccination Plan proceeds according to the planning that was drawn up and focuses both on the vaccination of the general population with age criteria and on the vaccination by priority of the persons who belong to the vulnerable groups of the population. By April 5 they were done 165,116 vaccinations, of which 117,615 concern 1η dose and 47,501 were vaccinations with both doses. On the 1thη 7,577 people belonging to the vulnerable groups received a dose of the vaccine, while 548 home vaccinations were performed in bedridden people.

In relation to vaccination coverage, 81,65% of people aged 80 and over has been vaccinated with at least 1η dose, while in the age group of 70-79 has received at least 1η vaccine dose 76,34%. It is reminded that older people from the age group that has priority in each opening of the Vaccination Portal, also have access and can schedule appointments.

According to the information on the quantities that are estimated to be sent from the three licensed vaccines in the next few days, the vaccination is expected to be completed within April with at least 1η dose of vulnerable groups and advance the vaccination coverage in order to receive at least 1η dose of the vaccine until the beginning of May in people aged 45 years and older.

  • As of April 5, 165,116 vaccinations had been given (1η dose: 117,615 and 2η dose: 47,501)
  • Available 19,378 appointments for people aged 61 and over on April 7-8
  • He was vaccinated with at least 1η dose 81,65% of people aged 80 years and over and 76,34% of people aged 70-79 years