General stores open October 1st and 28th

Those who work will be compensated at a ratio of 1:2 for each hour worked

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General stores can remain open on Saturday 1st and Friday 28th October, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on the Regulation of the Operation of Stores and the Conditions of Employment of their Employees.

According to an announcement from the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, for store employees October 1 and October 28 are holidays and in case they are called to work, they should be compensated at a ratio of 1:2 for each hour worked.

In addition, it is noted that any Special Stores that operate during these days, will have to compensate the employees, who will work, with a ratio of 1:2 for each hour of work.

General stores include those inside shopping centers, supermarkets, clothing/shoe stores, etc.).