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All information

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According to notification number 1025 published in the Official Gazette of the Republic dated 30.9.2022, a vacant permanent position of Sanitary Engineer, Water Development Department has been advertised for filling.

Applications can only be submitted online through the website of the Public Service Commission ( or through the Government Security Portal (Ariadni), until Friday, October 21, 2022 at 14:00.

To proceed with the completion of the online application, the applicant must be a registered user in Ariadne. It is not necessary to identify applicants at a Citizen Service Center or other authorized center.

The applicant selects the position he / she is interested in and fills in the fields of the application. In order to successfully submit the application, all the required fields must be completed.

Approved Salary Scale: A9: € 30.413, 31.880, 33.347, 34.814, 36.281, 37.748, 39.215, 40.682, 42.149, A11: € 40.525, 42.164, 43.803, 45.442, 47.081, 48.720, € 50.359, 51.998, 53.637 , 12, 44.978, 47.080, 49.182, 51.284, 53.386, 55.488. (Combined Scales). Any general increases approved by law are added to the payroll. In addition, an indexation allowance is paid, in accordance with the rate approved by the Government from time to time.