Prodromos's answer to those who refuse to take a rapid test - "They endanger"

The message he sent to the graduates

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At the time when the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is recruiting mobile units in the school units to conduct a rapid test, the reactions to the Government's decision to submit a negative test to allow their physical presence from March 8 continue.

Speaking on the show Mesimeri kai Kati, the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, explained that the Ministry expects that the students will take a test. "They will be tested so that they do not get sick or transmit the virus to others. We must be reasonable. "These are not funny things and we should have a sense of public duty."

He added that parents should encourage their children and take the test. "Those who do not accept, are those who have a behavior problem that does not go hand in hand with the collective effort of all. A behavior that endangers classmates and teachers. I will not deal with this at first sight but I will deal with the fact that we managed to operate our schools and we must safeguard them ", explained Mr. Prodromou.

Finally, the Minister of Education stated that "we have the margins in the school year to make use of time that was left unexploited. The message I want to send to the seniors is not to be afraid because the logic of mitigation due to the pandemic will be applied "

Source: Sigmalive