Threatening emails were also sent to other European countries

What the Police say

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Electronic messages with content similar to the one sent on Friday to schools in Cyprus have also been sent to several other European countries, according to police information from Europol.

As the police spokesperson, Christos Andreou, told KYPE, Europol reports that they received threatening messages from various addresses, schools, shopping centers and other places in European countries.

It is noted that the Police has appealed to both Europol and Interpol to investigate the case of the threatening emails and identify the sender.

Mr. Andreou reiterated that the e-mail from which the message in question was sent was published on the Internet along with passwords, and that the wording of the threatening message was also used in other messages in another language and rendered, with a bad translation, into Greek to be sent to Cyprus.

Now, the Police are waiting for a response to their request through Interpol, in order to establish whether the sender of the email was from a specific country, outside of Europe.

When asked if there is a specific time frame within which the Police expects a response, Mr. Andreou said that this time cannot be determined.

Source: KYPE