They rejected a quadriplegic's request for EEE-"Social justice is needed" (BINTEO)

A 34-year-old quadriplegic father received a negative response to his request for Minimum Guaranteed Income

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A 34-year-old quadriplegic father had his request for a Minimum Guaranteed Income denied, due to "alienation of deposits" from his bank accounts before he himself became disabled.

The issue was brought to light by the newspaper Phileleftheros and commented on by the president of the organization of paraplegics of Cyprus, Dimitris Lambrianidis, guest on the show Mesimeri and Kati.

Mr. Lambrianidis mentioned that the man in question was left a quadriplegic after a traffic accident and cannot work, and he was told that there had been "alienation of deposits" from his bank accounts.

"This man in previous years had a normal life and worked like all of us. After the disability, he was led to the need to ask for state support because he cannot work," he said.

He pointed out that taking into account what happened before the disability is unfair, because in this case the disability created the need for him to claim benefits.

"Legislations must serve society and serve with social justice. In this case the disability created the need for PPE. The state cannot claim that because of actions taken before the disability, they cannot satisfy his request", he concluded.

Source: Sigmalive