A request for Divine Liturgy in the occupied Lefkoniko was rejected

The request for Divine Liturgy at the chapel of the Holy Cross, in the occupied Lefkoniko on September 10, was rejected


The request for a Divine Liturgy at the chapel of the Holy Cross, in occupied Lefkoniko on September 10, on the occasion of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross celebrated on the 14th of the month, was rejected.

In a post on the MKD, the Diocese of Constantia - Famagusta states that "the request submitted through the United Nations to the occupying authorities, for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy next Saturday, September 10, at the chapel of the Holy Cross in the occupied Lefkoniko, was rejected."

Besides, in a statement from the occupied Lefkonikos it is stated that "after the rejection of the request, the Divine Liturgy will be celebrated in the Holy Church of Agia Thekla in the Refugee Settlement of Agioi Anargyro in Larnaca and will be followed by the memorial service of the heroes of the occupied Lefkonikos".

According to the Municipality, the Minister of Communications, Transport and Works Yannis Karousos will attend the following meeting.

The events will be attended by delegations from the municipalities twinned with Lefkoniko, Nea Ionia and Western Lesvos.

It is noted that the events are organized by the Municipality of Lefkonikos, the Refugee Association "To Lefkonikos", the Ecclesiastical Committees, the School Tax Office of Lefkonikos and the Association of Alumni, Students and Descendants of the Lefkonikos High School-Gymnasium.