Dangerous children's products are withdrawn from the Cypriot market (PICTURES)

Dangerous children's products are withdrawn from the Cypriot market

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The Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, as the Competent Authority for the implementation of the General Product Safety Laws and the Basic Requirements that Specified Categories of Product Laws must meet, during the month of February, proceeded with a withdrawal from the Cypriot market of the following products which were deemed to pose serious risks to the health and safety of consumers or did not comply with the relevant provisions of the legislation.

Recommendations - Warnings

The Consumer Protection Service calls on consumers in case they own the recalled products, to stop using them and return them to the seller, i.e. the store from which they were purchased, and at the same time to inform it.

It is noted that, according to the Certain Aspects concerning Contracts for the Sale of Goods Law of 2021, in case of purchasing an unsafe product, the consumer is entitled to a replacement of the product, so that the product is in accordance with the terms of the sales contract. If this is not possible, then the consumer has the right to withdraw, i.e. to return the product to the seller and receive back the full amount paid.

It is reminded that the above rights are valid for a period of 2 years from the initial delivery of the product to the consumer and that the sole responsibility for the consumer always lies with the final seller.

In the event that the seller refuses to respond to the above rights of the consumer, the consumer is invited to submit his complaint in writing through the website of the Consumer Protection Service.

Finally, consumers are reminded that they can be informed about dangerous products found in the EU through the website of the Consumer Protection Service or through the website of the Rapid Information Exchange System for Dangerous Products (Safety Gate).

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For further information or to submit a complaint, consumers can contact the Service through its website (www.consumer.gov.cy) or at the following telephone numbers:

Consumer Line: 1429
Nicosia Head Office: 22200926, 22200925