Withdrawal of old, polluting vehicles and compensations – What applies (VIDEO)

The Minister of Transport, Yannis Karousos, was asked to comment on what citizens should know

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Within December, the new plans for the withdrawal of old and polluting vehicles and the purchase of new electric vehicles will be announced, amounting to 45 million euros.

The Minister of Transport, Yannis Karousos, was asked to comment on what citizens should know, speaking on Radio Proto.

Mr. Karousos was asked to answer if the procedure for what they have to provide to enter the purchase process is changing, he said that it is about two programs, one for pure electric vehicles and the other is the program for retirement.

Starting with the retirement, he indicated that not much will change. In particular, you will have to change a car over 15 years old and the choice is made with the older the car, the higher you will be in the hierarchy to be entitled to withdraw and buy with a good subsidy a low-emission vehicle or even an electric one.

As far as pure electrics are concerned, the procedure will be done in a different way, if there are more applicants than the available sponsorships, a lottery will be held. Also, some time will be given and with it will be required to attach a certificate from a company that imports electric vehicles that the buyer has been informed about the cars he is interested in because as Mr. Karousos said they want the other person to know before making the application for the purchase cost of the car.

Regarding the delays due to the war in Ukraine, Mr. Karousos emphasized that they have extended the extension to 24 months, in fact the car companies have also attached certificates for the imports and an extension has been given for another six months and if necessary more will be given .

Asked to answer in the event that someone has to recall their vehicle but cannot afford to take another what happens, he said that in the event that someone only wants to recall and not buy, there will be an option to be able to take a cash amount and will get tickets worth 400 or 500 euros per year plus some cash for buses.

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