Leader: Soon developments for Katsounoto - Transfer to another post

Statements about the current situation with the two findings were made by the Chief of Police

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Statements about the current situation with the two findings (s.s. Thanasis Nikolaou and Achillea Emilianidis for complaints by Anna Aristotelous) were made by the Chief of Police.

Regarding the conclusion of Thanasis, he said that it is good to wait for the study of the conclusion by the Legal Service. "It's an old case. What we are trying to do today is to see such phenomena with more sensitivity and professionalism so that the truth comes to the surface.

We have prepared a relevant protocol in collaboration with medical examiners, so that we can be more accurate and efficient," he said.

The conclusion for the YCAN Commander also needs time to study, said the Chief. He noted that today he had a meeting with Mr. Katsounotos.

The Chief said that soon there will be developments and Mr. Katsounotos will move to another post. He clarified that Mr. Katsounotos agreed with him, meaning that he could not continue to serve from the same post.

Stefi Drakou: I was clear in all my statements

"There was a complaint, a criminal investigator was appointed, the officer was suspended. The investigator did not inform me of his recommendations. The finding was delivered to the Prosecutor who ordered the investigation. It's a massive finding that needs to be studied.

Regarding the transfer of Mr. Katsunotos to another service, he said that the Chief is aware of this. Yesterday I had no communication with Mr. Katsounotos", said the Minister of Justice.