Chief Rabbi of Cyprus: Cypriots host Israeli families in their homes

Almost 3.000 Israelis found refuge in Cyprus

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Almost 3.000 Israelis found refuge in Cyprus.

People who experienced the horrors of war and overnight were forced to leave their lives and homes in search of a safer environment.

They took their luggage and came to our country, with the citizens of Cyprus, as Chief Rabbi Raskin told SIGMA, opening their homes to host them.

"Since the beginning of the war, we believe that approximately three thousand Jews from Israel arrived in Cyprus. Seeing our daughters kidnapped and our children kidnapped. This should not be allowed anywhere in the world," he stressed.

The Jewish community of Cyprus is concerned about its safety, which calls for the banning of flags and slogans that refer to anti-Semitism.

"I have regular meetings with the local Police and we are working very hard, but I believe they cannot take action and stop actions like last night in Larnaca because an order must be given by the Government. In Cyprus, not everyone can do what they want. They should be arrested, they should not be allowed on our streets, as is done in Germany, France and every democratic country these days,” the Chief Rabbi added.

According to Chief Rabbi Ruskin, the solidarity shown by the Cypriots is touching.

"I see so many friends of Cyprus now hosting Israeli families in their homes and giving them food and fruit," he noted.

The hotels in Larnaca are overcrowded and the Cypriots opened their homes for as long as needed offering love and hospitality.

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Source: Sigmalive