The Pancypriot Exams have begun

The Minister gave encouragement to students who were stressed,

Screenshot 1 5 Pancypriot Examinations, Minister of Education

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Ms. Athina Michailidou, on the occasion of the opening of the Pan-Cypriot Examinations, visited Kykkos II High School in Engomi today.

In the context of her visit, Mrs. Michailidou made statements to journalists.

In particular, the Minister of Education stated: "We are here, on the first day of the Pancypriot Entrance Examinations for 2024, in one of the High Schools that operates as an Examination Center. We came here to see the children, to cheer them up, just before they enter the classrooms, to give our message too: that as little stress as possible helps, constructive stress. Also, let's mention that this exam is never the end - they will have many opportunities in their lives, they will have other opportunities for exams - and that all this journey they have traveled to get here is too much important, because they have certainly already won."

In a journalist's comment that the Minister gave a lot of encouragement to students who were stressed, Mrs. Michailidou said: "It is exactly what they need at this time. We all know that it is not possible for them not to have some stress, but that stress should not overwhelm them. In this I have to say that their parents and friends should also help beforehand so that we don't make them even more stressed. This stress, I repeat, must be constructive, so that it pushes them to do their best, to achieve what each and every one of them wants".

In response to a question on whether there is any possibility of speeding up the installation schedule of the air conditioners and to a comment that some schools, through the Parents' Association, have already proceeded with the installation, because they could not wait, the Minister stated: "On the matter of the air conditioners it is very important to mention that it has been talked about in recent years. We also issued announcements in the past that no air conditioners will be installed for environmental reasons. What is important now is that, for the first time, from the very beginning, we said as a Government that we are moving forward with an integrated plan, which will allow us to have air conditioners three years in the future. As we all realize, this is not an easy undertaking to do overnight. That's why planning comes into play. We started, as we had said, and at the end of December 2023 we were ready with the schools. The process requires that we are also fully ready in terms of plans for the facilities, for the security of the buildings and the security of the networks, and within the next few days, with the closure of the schools, the installation begins in the first 50 schools across Cyprus, so that then to give us the time to work on the basis of our three-year planning. It is important for us that we have finally taken the first steps in this direction. It is not the most important problem of our education system, we all realize that, but it is important for improving teaching and learning conditions."

In commenting that the issue with the air conditioners mainly affects the Primary School children who are still continuing their studies, since the High School children have already finished, Mrs. Michailidou noted: "It should be mentioned that for the Primary School children as well there were those 2 -3 days of heat and maybe 1-2 more that may come, which make it particularly difficult for us, and we are also very flexible, parents, teachers who feel that there is a problem with a child can leave him at home, something which of course they already do. There is no question of taking an exam there or covering the material, and let's not forget that in a few days their vacations begin. Two months teachers and elementary school children, like everyone else, will be at home, so there is no particular reason for concern. It is very important, their safety above all, but there is also a human factor involved, and the teacher and the parent can decide in time whether to send their child to school or whether to take them earlier", the Minister of Education concluded .