The three-day debate on the state budget for 2022 begins in the afternoon in Parliament

The session will start at 15:00

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The three-day discussion of the state budget for 2022 begins in the afternoon in the House of Representatives, with the speeches of the Leaders and / or representatives of the parties.

Specifically, the plenary session of the Parliament will start at 15:00 with legislative work and then the Chairman of the Finance Committee Christiana Erotokritou will present a summary of the report of the Committee on the state budget for 2022.

The speeches of the party leaders will follow, starting with the smallest and ending with the largest party.

In particular, the order of the parties will be the Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation, DIPA, EDEK, ELAM, DIKO, AKEL, DISY.

The leaders of the parties DISY, AKEL and DIKO will have at their disposal 40 minutes for their speech, while the leaders of the parties ELAM, EDEK, DIPA and the Movement of Ecologists - Citizens' Cooperation will have 30 minutes at their disposal to deliver their speech.

According to the report of the Finance Committee, in relation to the general government, the 2022 budget provides revenues (excluding financial flows) of € 9.691 million, increased by 4,9% compared to 2020 and expenditures (excluding repayments). loans) amounting to € 9.960 million, reduced by 4% compared to 2020.

In relation to the central government, the state budget for 2022 forecasts revenues (excluding financial flows) amounting to € 6.731 million, increased by 4% compared to the revised revenues for 2021 of € 6.473 million and total expenditures (excluding of loan repayments) amounting to € 8.408 million, which are reduced by 0,8% compared to 2021 estimated at € 8.479 million.

In the meantime, the Minister of Finance submitted to Parliament a total of 31 amendments to the state budget of 2022 for the purpose of their incorporation into the main budget and their submission for approval by the plenary of the body. Following the approval of the 2022 budget by the Council of Ministers and its submission to the House of Representatives, the need was found to amend the bill in order to add and / or remove appropriations in the 2022 budget and in the Medium Term Fiscal Framework 2022-2024, to regulate series of issues on the basis of subsequent decisions of the Council of Ministers, as well as to correct certain errors and omissions.

The total costs from the proposed amendments amount to € 4.104.060 for 2022 and to € 4.015.132 and € 3.878.380 for the years 2023-2024, respectively.