They refused to let little Antonis have a chaperone in summer school

"Antonis is a child prodigy"

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"The Minister of Health refused to send, during the month of July, the nurse accompanying Antonis, as a result of which he was deprived of his studies, the joy and the play with his friends in the summer school", complains the MP of EDEK, Andreas Apostolou.

In the post it says "Antonis is a child prodigy of whom his parents, his teachers, his friends and the whole of Cyprus are proud. Proud because he wins the battle for life every day, proud because this year he joined and attends regularly with his classmates at the Public Kindergarten in his Alhambra community.

Antonis is a brilliant child whose disability does not prevent him from participating normally in all the activities of his school, receiving and giving love. Daily.

During his studies, Antonis needs constant support and supervision from a nurse.

After months of fighting and suffering from his wonderful parents, the State made the decision to support Antonis' education by providing him with the obvious. The nurse who accompanies him every day gives and receives love from Antonis and is his support for his studies at school.

Antonis and his family decided that he should attend summer school during the month of July to continue studying and playing with his friends during the summer.

Unfortunately, the Minister of Health refused the posting, during the month of July, of the nurse accompanying Antonis, as a result of which he was deprived of his studies, joy and playing with his friends at summer school. The Minister was fully informed, including by me personally, about Antonis' needs. The Minister did not give any alternative option to Antonis and his family.

This decision by the Minister of Health Mrs. Popis Kanaris is a black mark and a setback in the effort for social integration and inclusion of people with disabilities.

I wish and hope that the decision will be revoked immediately but above all that the State will finally provide the obvious to all children with disabilities for their smooth and complete education in the general education system.

Antonis returned yesterday from Israel where he went with his parents to visit the medical team that is monitoring him and expects to attend summer school from Monday.

I have informed the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth Mrs. Athena Michailidou about the fact that one of her students will not be able to attend his school. Mrs. Michailidou showed personal interest all this time and contributed the most to the support of Antonis and his family.

The above post is made with the consent of Antonis' wonderful parents, Christos and Charas whom I admire for their strength and faith.

With Antonis and every child with a disability who has the right to live a life without obstacles. Against those who put up obstacles.

*The photo is from the final celebration of Antonis' school a few days ago."

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