Dalio Asphalts: It was not proven anywhere that nuisance and odors are from us

"We don't want confrontations with anyone, what we ask is that they let us work"

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The Press Representative of the Prometheas Asphalt LTD company, Varnavas Lambrou, was hosted on the show Mesimeri and Kati, who stated that they have no differences to resolve with anyone, especially with civil society.

"We know the requirements we have and we constantly fulfill them. Our factories have been operating till the date they have been closed by court order strictly following the laws. We do not want confrontations with anyone, what we ask is that they let us work", he said.

Asked to answer whether your factories cause harm to health, he said that the factories are located in the industrial zone of heavy nuisance class A in the Tseri area. As such they have been operating since 2008. All the checks that have been done by the environment department and the labor inspection department have not shown anything that is detrimental to health.

He also added that at Idalio Primary School, meters were installed to measure the air quality and they have shown that it is worse than the area there.

We always try to operate within the framework of the laws, even if it was decided to move from the area, we were not reassured and improved the facilities, anti-pollution filters and systems that even the smallest smell could be reduced to zero. We are not saying that the residents of Idali are wrongly complaining about smells. Odors do not mean that they are harmful to health.

He also added that, not only is their own factory in the area, but it is surrounded by two industrial zones of heavy nuisance, Geri and Tseri. "It has never been scientifically proven that nuisance and odors are due to Prometheus."

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