Police: We have a special permit for the boat that repatriated migrants to Lebanon

Police for immigrant operation: Crowned with success, no one was in danger


The Police has a special license for the boat used for the migrant repatriation operation in Lebanon, Christos Andreou, spokesperson of the Cyprus Police, told KYPE, pointing out that the police officers who participated in the operation returned to Cyprus "safe and sound" on the morning of Monday.

Initially, Mr. Andreou, responding to the statements of the "EQUITY" Police Force Branch, explained that the Police has exceptionally a special license issued by the Deputy Ministry of Shipping for the specific vessel that was used in the operation to repatriate the rescued migrants to Lebanon. The license is valid from May 1, 2023 until October 31, 2023, he added.

Afterwards, the Police spokesperson spoke of "a difficult operation". He pointed out to the KYPE that "the leadership of the Police recognizes the difficulties of the specific mission, where the police officers were dutifully forced to travel with this boat to another country under the specific weather conditions".

"The specific boat was used out of necessity, since it was the licensed one. It was a political decision, which we had to implement as the Police," said Mr. Andreou.

Furthermore, he noted that "the vessel together with the colleagues and the crew as well as the Coastal Police vessel that accompanied it returned this morning to Cyprus safe and sound".

"The leadership of the Police is concerned first and foremost with the safety of our members and then proceeds with any other move", emphasized the Police spokesperson. "Police operations are not all easy. Most are difficult. We police officers face some risks," he indicated.

"This particular operation was crowned with success. All our colleagues returned safe and sound. There wasn't any problem, based on the instructions given," said Mr. Andreou in conclusion.

Source: KYPE