Death on a flight from Larnaca: Young people threw soft drinks on the head of a passenger

The bad mess on a flight from Cyprus to Israel – Young people threw a bottle at a female passenger and fought with the crew

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A Tus-airways flight was forced to return to the Larnaca airport terminal yesterday afternoon.

The flight which was in the process of taking off for Tel Aviv returned to the boarding terminal when a group of six youths caused a disturbance forcing the pilot to return to the airport and the police were called to the scene.

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In particular, the group of young people allegedly threw a soda can at a female passenger, injuring her in the head.

The young passengers also verbally assaulted crew members.

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The episode ended after the intervention of the police and the removal of the young people from the plane.

The flight finally departed for its destination fifty minutes later, with the young men returning to Israel on another flight.

Source: RIK