Handcuffs on a 24-year-old for a case of illegal supply and possession of drugs

He tried to escape through the back door of his house

Pursuit, Drugs

A 24-year-old resident of Larnaca was arrested on suspicion of facilitating police investigations into an investigated case of drug trafficking and illegal possession of drugs for the purpose of supplying another person.

A written announcement of the Communication Office of the Police Headquarters states that "around four in the afternoon yesterday Sunday, December 19, members of YKAN, went to the home of a 24-year-old man in Larnaca, to conduct an investigation, by court order. "As soon as the 24-year-old noticed the police, he tried to escape through the back door of his house, however the members of YKAN chased him and managed to immobilize him".

It is added that "during the pursuit, the 24-year-old was seen throwing two objects in the yard of a neighboring house. "After the items were found, it was found that they were two nylon packages, in which there were seven smaller packages containing cocaine, weighing a total of about 15 grams, as well as a package containing cannabis, weighing about 29 grams."

The items were confiscated as evidence, while during the search, which was carried out at the home of the 24-year-old, a precision scale was found and confiscated, with traces of cannabis and cocaine.

The 24-year-old was arrested for a self-inflicted crime and was detained as a suspect for offenses related to conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal supply of drugs and illegal possession of drugs for the purpose of supply to another person.

The young man is expected to be brought before the Larnaca District Court today for the issuance of a detention order. The case is being investigated by the Larnaca District Committee of YKAN.