Handcuffs to a 26-year-old who was filming bathers on beaches

They fought the young man who filmed bathing women - Dozens of complaints from women - He filmed them on beaches and posted the videos on the Internet

photo 27 Police
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The Police arrested a 26-year-old person yesterday, as part of an investigation into a case involving a violation of the law on personal data.

Specifically, after information received at the Electronic Crime Sub-Directorate of the Police Headquarters, according to which the owner-user of a website is violating personal data by filming and posting bathing women in swimsuits on various beaches in the Limassol district, a relevant complaint was made to TAE Limassol.

From further tests carried out, testimony emerged against a 26-year-old man, who was arrested last night on a judicial arrest warrant and taken into custody.

So far, three women have been seen and identified themselves in videos posted by the suspect on the said platform.

TAE Limassol continues the examinations.