Burglar "fought" with a stolen vehicle worth 15.000 euros with fake registration plates

Handcuffs on a 45-year-old

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A 45-year-old man was detained on charges of vehicle theft, burglary and illegal drug possession.

According to the Spokesperson of the Paphos Police Department and Head of the Paphos Police Department, Michalis Nikolaou, yesterday around 05:00, information was received that there was a burglar in a house on Themidos Street in Mesa Chorio.

Police patrols went to the scene, where in a specific apartment building they found a luxury car parked in the garage which had foreign registration plates. Inside the car was a man who refused to open the door.

Mr. Nikolaou then said that a search warrant was issued for the specific vehicle and after the man inside it finally opened it, it was found that he was 45 years old. Further examination revealed that the car in question, worth 15.000 euros, was stolen and had forged registration plates. A wheelchair worth 600 euros was also missing from the car, while small quantities of cannabis and methamphetamine were found in the driver's possession. The 45-year-old was arrested and taken into custody.

The exams are continued by TAE Paphos.