Handcuffs on a 49-year-old for burglary and theft of property

What did the Police find after an investigation

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Property stolen from a home after a burglary, as well as other items being investigated for theft, were found by police during a search of the 49-year-old's home. The 49-year-old was arrested and detained, for the purpose of investigating a case of burglary and theft, and illegal possession of property.

Specifically, after information that stated that the 49-year-old's residence houses property that is the product of burglaries and thefts, members of OPE and TAE Limassol, conducted a search at the suspect's residence yesterday at noon. The search turned up 13 clocks, a ring, a cross and silverware, a video camera, a projector and two DVRs, power tools such as drills and a smirk, as well as a number of house and car keys.

Police officers found clothing and household utensils, which, following the investigation, were identified as property that had been stolen from a house in Limassol, after it was broken into last Friday, June 10th.

After the 49-year-old suspect did not give satisfactory explanations for the possession of the found property, he was arrested for the spontaneous crime of illegal possession of property and was taken into custody, with the Police investigating whether the found are stolen property.

The examinations are continued by the Limassol TAE.

Source: Police