Eight persons handcuffed for illegal stay in the Republic

Eight persons were identified and arrested

imagew 1 Police, Aliens and Immigration Service

A coordinated operation to crack down on illegal residence on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus was carried out yesterday by the Aliens and Immigration Service in Paphos from 05:00-09:00am resulting in the arrest of eight persons.

From the investigations carried out by the members of the Service in various properties and places of residence, in the city and in the province of Paphos, eight persons who are in Cyprus without the required residence permits were identified and arrested.

According to the Assistant Police Director of operations in Paphos, Michalis Nikolaou, these are four men and four women. The six people are of Asian and two of African origin.

The eight persons were taken into custody and today they are expected to appear before the Paphos District Court for the issuance of a detention order while at the same time their repatriation procedures will begin.

Source: KYPE