Handcuffs on five people for trafficking illegal immigrants

The Police arrested five people yesterday

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The Police yesterday arrested five persons, in relation to investigated cases of assisting the illegal entry, transit and stay of third country nationals in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. They are five 22-year-old men, who were arrested on warrants and taken into custody. This morning they were brought before him
District Court of Nicosia, for the issuance of arrest warrants for them.

The Court issued eight-day detention orders against the three suspects, while it ordered that the other two suspects remain in custody and appear before the Court again next Thursday, February 22, for consideration of the Police's request for their personal detention and the issuance of a relevant decision.

The suspects are being investigated for, among other things, offenses of conspiracy to commit a felony, aiding the illegal entry, transit and stay on the territory of the Republic and trafficking of immigrants.

The investigated cases concern the arrival of irregular immigrants between the dates of February 18 and 19, in the province of Nicosia.

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