Handcuffs on three people for the thefts in the Larnaca mall

The case is being investigated by TAE Larnaca

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Two men, aged 27 and 37, and a 19-year-old woman were arrested to facilitate police investigations into an investigated conspiracy to commit a crime and shoplifting.

As Senior Lt. Haris Hatzigiasemi, a spokesman for the Larnaca Police Department, told KYPE, "around 26 pm on Thursday, May XNUMX, he was reported to the Larnaca Minor Offenses Department by a store manager in the city of Metropolis. "Surveillance circuit found that the previous day, strangers stole a quantity of clothes using a bag of a specific design".

He added that "on Friday, May 27, after counting the stock of this store, it was found that women and children's clothes worth about seven thousand euros were stolen."

According to Mr. Hatzigiasmis "around five in the afternoon of May 27, it was reported to the Larnaca Minor Offenses Department by the security manager of the Metropolis Mall in Larnaca that an unknown person was found, who was in possession of the specific bag design, which he just realized the security guards, abandoned her and fled. The security officer found that there was a quantity of clothing in a specific store inside the bag and handed it over to the person in charge ".

She noted that "the manager of the store found that on the clothes in the bag, there were alarms that were previously stolen from her store. The value of the clothes amounts to about 330 euros ".

Members of the Minor Offenses Department received the bag and after an investigation “it was found that it was configured / reinforced in such a way that the alarm system of the stores was not activated when unpaid clothes were leaving. The courier companies and the exit points of the Republic of Cyprus were informed about the case, while after evaluating the closed circuits of the shops, a rental car was found, in which three foreigners were riding, two men aged 27 and 37 and a woman 19 years old ".

The three people "were located when they returned to the car rental office and after investigations it was found that they arrived in Cyprus on May 23 and were staying in Larnaca. "A large amount of the stolen goods was found inside the rental car, as well as receipts for sending packages, which may prove that they had sent stolen property abroad, while it seems that thefts took place from shopping malls in other cities of free Cyprus."

The detainees were taken into custody and are expected to be brought before the Larnaca District Court tomorrow for the issuance of detention orders.

The case is being investigated by the Larnaca Police Department.