Sponsorships for upgrading traditional businesses with the possibility of joining "Taste Cyprus"

What are the objectives of the Support Plan - All information

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Following a relevant decision of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Tourism announces an Invitation for submission of applications within the Sponsorship Plan for Upgrading Traditional Catering Areas or Selling Traditional Food Products with the possibility of their inclusion in the "Taste Cyprus" Pact. The Plan will be implemented in the framework of Measure C3.1I8 "Enhancing the added value of the tourism sector with emphasis on the countryside, as well as in the mountainous and remote areas" of the Cyprus Recovery and Sustainability Plan (SAP) and will be funded by the Recovery Mechanism and Sustainability of the European Union (EU).

The aim of the Plan is to provide support for:

(a) the improvement and upgrading of the quality of the services provided by licensed restaurants / tavern leisure centers or leisure centers operating within hotels and other tourist accommodation which, based on their approved price list, offer proven dishes based exclusively on Cypriot and

(b) the establishment or upgrading of shops selling traditional food products. Through these interventions, the aim of the Plan is to upgrade the Cypriot hospitality, to promote the cultural heritage and the development of gastronomy.

The total amount that will be allocated for the needs of this announcement amounts to € 4,0 million.

Those interested can obtain the final Guide of the Plan to which all the details are mentioned, together with the Annexes, including the Application form, on the page of the Ministry of Tourism www.tourism.gov.cy in "Incentives & Grants".

Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2022 at 15.00 pm. or until the available budget is exhausted.

The order of priority will be determined based on the order of submission of proposals (immediate evaluation) and the maximum amount of approvals will not exceed the available budget of the Call.

For more information, interested parties can contact the relevant Officers at 22691204 and contact email: [email protected] or at 22691282 and contact email: [email protected]