The meeting at the Presidential Office on the minimum wage was without result

The meeting to determine the national minimum wage ended without result


The meeting chaired by the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, with the social partners (employers and trade unions) to determine the national minimum wage ended without result, with the matter being referred to future meetings of the Minister of Labor with the social partners.

At the meeting, trade unions criticized the employers' organizations for differentiating the framework, as had been established during discussions with the late Minister of Labour, Zeta Emilianidou.

The representatives of the employers' organizations countered that they themselves had never declared that the matter had been closed and that the differences of opinion between the two sides became apparent in today's meeting.

At the same time, according to the President of the KEBE Christodoulos Agastiniotis, a difference arose in today's meeting in that the basis for determining the national median salary will be the calculations of the Statistical Service, which are lower than the EU-SILC survey.

It is now expected that the social partners will meet with the Minister of Labor Kyriakos Kousios in August.

Source: KYPE