78% of patients without a history of vaccination

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Data on hospitalizations, based on the history of vaccination, were published by the Ministry of Health, which notes that 78% of patients are without a history of vaccination.

In a statement, the competent Ministry states that the data it discloses concern patients until January 25, 2022, while it clarifies that the post COVID patients, who are still hospitalized, are not included.

Specifically, the data indicate that 3% of patients are fully vaccinated (two doses or one dose for JJ), while 10% are fully vaccinated, which have passed 5 months and two weeks from the date of the 2nd dose and from 1st installment date for JJ.

Also, 3% of the patients are partially vaccinated, while also 1% received the booster dose and became ill in less than 14 days from the date of receiving the booster / 3rd dose.

He adds that 5% of patients received the booster dose and became ill after 14 days or more from the date of booster / 3rd dose.