Limassol Carnival without parades this year as well

Decisions for the Limassol Carnival 2022 were taken by the City Council

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Decisions for the Limassol Carnival 2022 were taken by the City Council.

Specifically, according to the official announcement, the Limassol Municipal Council in its last session decided the following in relation to the Limassol Carnival 2022:

1. For the second consecutive year the pandemic does not allow us to organize the established events of the Limassol Carnival. In no case, however, is this top cultural institution of our city canceled. With every responsibility in relation to public health, the Municipality of Limassol will adapt this year's events to the current protective measures against the pandemic.

2. In this context, the big mass events will not take place, such as the events of Swan Thursday, the children's parade and the big parade. The Municipality of Limassol is planning and will announce soon, a number of events, performances, concerts and exhibitions both in Pattiheio and in the Carob Mill of Lanitis.

3. Our city will once again be ready to offer for a 10-day joy and entertainment for the whole of Cyprus, in the unique way of the Limassol Carnival.