The inauguration of the new illegal airport without Erdogan

It is scheduled to open on November 15


The new illegal airport in the occupied territories is scheduled to be inaugurated on November 15, the anniversary of the establishment of the pseudo-state, said the "Minister of Public Works and Transport", Erhan Arikli.

According to "Kipris Postasi", Mr. Arikli said that on a monthly basis the new "airport" brings in an average income of 25-30 million Turkish lira. "It's a good income and a good investment. We made a very profitable investment," said Mr. Arikli.

According to the "Minister of Transport", "certain devices" are currently expected in the occupied territories, in order to launch the "full opening" of the new "airport".

When asked, Mr. Arikli also said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will not attend the November 15 ceremonies.